The Post Office has confirmed it will not be moving the Torrington branch from the town centre to McColls, after protests from residents.

The Post Office has halted its plans to move Torrington’s Post Office out of the town centre.

A consultation had been launched to move the branch from the Square, and into McColls, in New Road.

But following the six-week consultation, McColls had decided not to progress the application.

A spokesman for the Post Office said: “The branch will therefore continue to operate from the current location at 7 High Street, Torrington, EX38 8HN, for the time being.

“Any further proposal to relocate the branch will be subject to a further six-week period of consultation.”

There were protests when the consultation was launched, as it came alongside plans to close the town’s Lloyd’s bank.

The bank is proposed to close on June 29, with four other branches closing across North Devon during the same month.