Torrington couple’s terror fears for ‘dream’ Egypt holiday

Donna and Roy Gullick, from Torrington, have to choose whether to lose their money, or risk travelli

Donna and Roy Gullick, from Torrington, have to choose whether to lose their money, or risk travelling to Egypt. Picture: Sarah Howells - Credit: Archant

Terror attacks in Egypt last week mean a Torrington couple must risk travelling to Egypt for holiday - or lose all their money. What would you do?

Terror attacks in Egypt have left a Torrington couple deciding whether to cancel a dream holiday and lose everything, or risk the trip.

Roy and Donna Gullick are due to fly to Hurghada on Friday, but are now unsure about making the trip after an attack there last week.

On Friday, two men stormed the Bella Vista Hotel in the resort, stabbing three tourists, before being shot dead by police.

Mrs Gullick, 65, said in August the couple paid £2,300 for their ‘dream’ month-long holiday to Sharm el Sheikh.

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But after a Russian airliner was destroyed in a suspected terror attack in October last year, flights from the UK to Sharm were suspended, and the couple had to relocate their holiday to Hurghada.

She said: “And now after these latest attacks, we have been told unless they stop flying there before we leave on Friday, we will lose all our money if we cancel.

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“So we have to decide whether to lose everything or go and grin and bear it.”

Mr Gullick, 73, said it was ‘worrying’ thinking about the fact they may be at risk, despite the travel company saying the resort was safe.

He said: “I would still love to go but I don’t want to put Donna in danger.

“I have told her that if anything did happen, I would jump right in front of her.”

The couple, who used to run taxi-buisiness R&D Travel, before they sold it in 2006 to retire, said the fact their travel insurance does not cover terror attacks worried them even more.

Mr and Mrs Gullick have travelled widely in their 46-year marriage, including to Africa, Tunisia, Tenerife, and Lanzarote.

“We had to save extra to afford this holiday and we won’t be able to afford to go anywhere next year,” said Mrs Gullick.

“If we do go, we risk being confined to the hotel, or who knows what else.”

The Foreign Office has currently not placed any restrictions on travel to Hurghada, and says security measures at the resort have been enhanced.

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