A retired deputy headteacher has written a book to mark the 50th anniversary of the Torrington Cavaliers.

Bob Brewer has put together the book, having written the Cavaliers’ history for their 40th anniversary, featuring every bonfire the Cavaliers have built since 1970.

This year the Cavaliers started construction of a replica of the Mayflower, which will be set alight in 2020.

Cavalier chairman Mark Keeley said of the book: “I’m really delighted with it. The paper and picture quality is superb and it will be a great souvenir for Cavaliers and visitors.’

Bob added: “Jamaica Press did a great job and at £5 I think it is in the price range of just about everybody.

“There is a short written piece about every bonfire with anecdotes from Cavaliers that should make people smile. I’m very pleased with it.”

Booklets are on sale at Duffys Home Hardware and Hogwash in Torrington and the bonfire site when possible.