New Homes Bonus protocol means each ward in Torridge will be able to apply for funding from £10,000 pot.

Torridge District Council has given each of its 23 wards a pot of £10,000 for community projects.

The money comes from the adoption of the New Homes Bonus protocol and parish and town councillors or voluntary groups can apply for the grants.

In addition to this, the council is also making available a separate sum of approximately £200,000 that can be applied to for larger community schemes.

The existing Councillor Community Grants Scheme, where each councillor has an annual budget of £1,000 to allocate to smaller projects, has been retained and will provide a further £36,000 of funding to local communities.

Leader of the council, Jane Whittaker stated: “In these difficult times, with the council facing annual funding cuts, it is essential that we still look for ways to invest in our local communities.”

Deputy leader James Morrish added: “This represents another positive step forward by Torridge District Council ensuring that the benefits of the New Homes Bonus are felt right across the district and can support projects which directly benefit local communities and therefore provide a lasting legacy.”

For further details on the fund and to submit an application, visit: