A reunion is being held for former workers at Torridge Vale Dairy next weekend.

The reunion event on Saturday (February 23) is being held as part of the celebrations of Torridge Vale Social Club's 70th anniversary.

Former dairy workers, from office staff to tanker drivers, canteen staff to butter room operatives, loaders to mechanics, are all welcome.

The event starts at 7.30pm at the social club, with light refreshments and music by Roger Colome. A charity raffle will also be held.

Torridge Vale Dairies in Taddiport purchased the Wesleyan Chapel in South Street in 1932.

The company used it for various things including storage of churns, packing and repairing machinery.

In 1949, the company created the Unigate and Torridge Vale Social club, initially as a snooker hall.

The club continued to grow, until 1993 when the dairy closed down. It is now open six evenings a week.