Torridge Pilot Gig Club will be racing up the River Thames next month dressed as honeybees.

A team from the club will be taking on the London Great River Race challenge on Saturday, September 8.

They will be fundraising for North Devon Hospice and Families in Grief as they complete the 21.6-mile race against more than 330 crews.

Angie Whittaker, of the gig club, said Quince Honey Farm would be sponsoring them in their endeavours.

She said: “We are decorating the boat as North Devon, complete with grass, flowers and bees, and we are all dressing up as honey bees.

Torridge Pilot Gig Club is entering the Great River Race in London dressed as bees. Picture: Graham Hobbs.Torridge Pilot Gig Club is entering the Great River Race in London dressed as bees. Picture: Graham Hobbs.

“Rowing brings together people of all ages, from nine to 76 years.

“We are really excited to be doing the event. Rowing 21.6 miles dressed as bees, with antenna and wings ,will bring a new dimension to the challenge.

“But knowing we are making a difference to local families makes it all worthwhile.”

Angie is a trustee of Families In Grief, and North Devon Hospice was chosen as the second charity by crew member and cox, Nick Arthur.

Jess Burford Redgrove, of North Devon Hospice, said: “Without support from groups such as Torridge Pilot Gig Club, we wouldn’t be able to offer care and support to over 2,000 patients and their families each year.

“It means a lot to us to be supported by such a wonderful community as Torridge Gig Club.

“We are really grateful to them all for fundraising for us and for the important role they have played over the years, towing our raft at our remembrance event Floating Bye.”

Sarah Anderson, of Quince Honey Farm, added: “We love the idea that they’re dressing up as bees and decorating their boat with flowers to celebrate the North Devon countryside.

“It is, of course, a subject very close to our hearts at Quince Honey Farm, and also sounds like great fun.

“North Devon Hospice and Families in Grief are two incredibly important charities that provide a great deal of support to many.

“We’re pleased to sponsor a fundraising event that helps both of these very worthy charities. All of us at Quince wish the team lots of luck with their challenge.”