The leadership of the fresh-faced Torridge District Council will be determined at a meeting tonight (Monday, May 13).

The full council will be meeting for the AGM, to elect its leader and chairman, as well as its various committee members.

The independents gained the most seats in the election on May 2 with 17, but with no party holding a majority, it's all to play for.

And with 18 newly-elected councillors, it will be their first time at the table for many.

Ironically, at the last election four years ago, there were also 18 new members elected, but the Conservatives held a majority.

This election, the Tories lost seven seats, putting their total number of members this time round at 11.

The council make-up is: 17 independents, 11 Conservatives, three Labour, two Lib Dems, two Greens and one non-aligned.

The Torridge AGM will be held at Bideford Town Hall at 6.30pm, on Monday, May 13.

North Devon will also be deciding on its new leader and committees at its meeting on Thursday, May 16.