The candidates for the district council seats in Torridge have been announced ahead of the May 2 elections.

Exactly 100 candidates are standing for the 36 seats, which will span 16 districts.

And there will be some new faces to add to the mix, as six current councillors are not standing again.

Conservative council leader Jane Whittaker will be stepping down, as will former Conservative deputy leader James Morrish.

Conservatives Alison Boyle, John Langton-Lockton and Ian Parker will also not be standing.

Green councillor Cathrine Simmons will also be stepping down.

But two councillors are already celebrating their election to the council.

In the Milton and Tamarside ward, both Kit Hepple (Conservatives) and Ken James (Independent) were the only two candidates nominated for the ward, which was two seats, and so on May 2 they will be elected unopposed to the council.

The council's current composition comprises of 18 Conservatives, eight Independents, three UKIP members, two Green Party councillors, two Liberal Democrats, and one Labour and Co-Operative Party member, with two seats vacant.

Two councillors, Peter Watson and Philip Hackett, who currently represents the Conservatives, are standing as Independents in May.

Polling stations will be open in every parish from 7am until 10pm, with not only district but local parish council members being decided.

Anyone in the district may vote, but they must be registered. The deadline to register to vote is Friday, April 12, and you can register online here.

You can also find a full list of the candidates for
parish and town elections in Torridge here.

Here is a full list of the candidates standing in Torridge:

Appledore (two seats)

David Chalmers (Lib Dem)

Kenny Davis (UKIP)

Andrew Eastman (Conservative)

Barry Edwards (Independent)

Leonard Ford (Independent)

Peter Hames (Green)

Jim Jackson (Conservative)

Bideford East (three seats)

Annie Brenton (Labour)

Ruth Craigie (Labour)

Pauline Davies (Independent)

Gregory De Freyne-Martin (Green)

Gaston Dezart (UKIP)

Jude Gubb (Independent)

James Hellyer (Conservative)

Linda Hellyer (Conservative)

Nikki Kennelly (Lib Dem)

Jamie McKenzie (Independent)

Theo Plowman (Labour)

Oliver Sherborne (Conservative)

Bideford North (three seats)

Rose Arno (Labour)

Doug Bushby (Independent)

Peter Christie (Green)

Ashley Cole (Independent)

Morgan Fletcher (Conservative)

Joel Herron (Independent)

Michael James (Labour)

Trevor Johns (Lib Dem)

Dermot McGeough (Conservative)

Jason Noble (Labour)

Stephen Potts (Lib Dem)

Bideford South (two seats)

David Brenton (Labour)

Adam Conabere (UKIP)

Claire Davey-Potts (Lib Dem)

Simon Inch (Conservative)

Shirley Langford (Labour)

Peter Lawrence (Independent)

Bob Wootton (Independent)

Bideford West (two seats)

Carl Hawkins (Independent)

Tony Inch (Conservative)

Nigel Johnson (UKIP)

Jake McLean (Labour)

Alan Rayner (Independent)

Andrew Tithecott (Labour)

Broadheath (two seats)

Graeme Barriball (Conservative)

Zyg Gregorek (Conservative)

Philip Hackett (Independent)

Pete Watson (Independent)

Great Torrington (three seats)

Chris Bright (Lib Dem)

Margaret Brown (Independent)

Cheryl Cottle-Hunkin (Lib Dem)

Diana Davey (Labour)

Keith Funnell (Green)

Jonathan Rose (Independent)

Doug Smith

Siobhan Strode (Labour)

Hartland (three seats)

Dylan Billson (Labour)

Richard Boughton (Conservative)

Anna Dart (Independent)

Stephen Harding (Conservative)

Martin Hill (Lib Dem)

Robin Julian (Independent)

Brian Redwood (Conservative)

Mireille Thornton (Green)

Holsworthy (two seats)

Jon Hutchings (Conservative)

David Jones (Conservative)

Valentina Kassam (Independent)

Milton & Tamarside (two seats)


Kit Hepple (Conservative)

Ken James

Monkleigh and Putford (two seats)

Kenton Baker (Conservative)

Will Douglas-Mann (Green)

Peter Haselhurst (Conservative)

Robert Hicks (Independent)

Phil Pennington (Independent)

Northam (three seats)

Geoffrey Allen (Labour)

David Berryman (Lib Dem)

Stan Coats (Labour)

Bill Gewanter (Conservative)

Rich Hancock (UKIP)

John Himan (Conservative)

Keith Lane (Conservative)

Chris Leather (Independent)

Joanne Manley (Independent)

Brendan Montague (Labour)

Guiseppe Rossi (Independent)

Shebbear and Langtree (two seats)

David Hurley (Conservative)

Rhys Matthews (Conservative)

Christopher Styles-Power (Lib Dem)

Gill Tesh (Labour)

Richard Wiseman (Independent)

Two Rivers & Three Moors (two seats)

Michael Clarke (Conservative)

Tony Goldstone (Labour)

Colin Jones (Green)

Rosemary Lock (Conservative)

Westward Ho! (two seats)

Claire Hodson (Independent)

Nick Laws (Independent)

Derek Sargent (UKIP)

Carrie Woodhouse (Conservative)

Winkleigh (one seat)

Angela Findlay (Labour)

Stephen Middleton (Lib Dem)

Simon Newton (Conservative)