Proposals including moving council officers from Bridge Buildings, upgrading cattle market car park and making services more efficient.

Torridge District Council members have approved an action plan to help save more than £2million from its annual base budget.

Officers and members have been working together on a range of options to identify how this level of savings could be achieved and what solution would be best for Torridge.

The next phase of the transformation programme will include a review of the council’s accommodation, including possibly moving staff from Bridge Buildings to Riverbank House, and plans to extend and upgrade Bideford’s cattle market car park .

The plan also includes redesigning the council’s website, having a more visible group of locality officers and changes to the customer services, including phone options.

Members voted unanimously for the proposals at the lastest full council meeting.

Councillor Philip Collins, leader of Torridge, said: “It is very gratifying that members showed their unanimous support for these very important projects that will hopefully secure public services across Torridge for many years to come.”

Jenny Wallace, head of paid services, added: “I do not want to underplay the difficult path and sacrifice of some officers, including senior managers who have left the authority, just to reach the stage of balancing the budget for 2014/15 and 2015/16.

“However the unanimous support of members is really great news and Torridge’s transformation journey has now begun in full.”