North Devon K9focus Heroes Awards 2015

North Devon K9focus Heroes awards Just Because winner Toddy was nominated by his owner Anne Rayner from Barnstaple.

The miniature poodle was born blind, but although he has no sight he lives life to the full.

“Toddy is a inspiration to everyone who meets him as he does not let his lack if sight stop him leading a normal dogs life and likes nothing better to run free in on the beach or in fields where its safe for him to do so,” said Anne.

“Toddy has taught me so much about living with a disability - he takes everything that life throws at him and just gets on with it. He is a DOG first and the fact his eyes don’t work comes second and he has made me think about disabled people in a totally different way.

So I would like to nominate him for the ‘Just Because’ award because he is my little hero and makes me smile every day.