To be sneezed at...

Elderly patients are now being encouraged to have their annual flu vaccinations.

This is a profitable business for GPs, who can make an extra £20,000 to £30,000 for doing very little. And it isn’t difficult to see why the annual flu vaccine bonanza is enthusiastically encouraged by drug companies. Vaccination is a multi-billion-pound business.

But why do politicians promote vaccination so vigorously – particularly to the elderly who are so immunologically vulnerable?

I’m a licensed and registered GP but I’m still waiting for someone to prove that vaccinating the elderly is safe or effective.

On the other hand I’m not the only doctor to worry that the flu vaccine might do far more harm than good – it can certainly produce the very symptoms it is supposed to prevent.

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Could politicians be encouraging GPs to vaccinate the elderly because they are regarded as a drag on the nation’s crumbling financial resources?

Are flu vaccinations promoted not to save lives but to kill off the elderly?

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If that sounds far-fetched, remember that it is Government policy for doctors and nurses to kill elderly patients who are ‘blocking’ hospital beds and as a result thousands of pensioners are deliberately starved to death in hospitals.

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

Trinity Place


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