Barnstaple’s ‘four-faced liar’ is back to telling fibs as each face has its own slight variation

Barnstaple's Albert Clock has regained its reputation as the 'four-faced liar'.

This picture submitted to our iwitness24 website by Simon Ellery shows the clock on the Square has ground to a halt at five to 10.

Town clerk Will Austin said the town council was not certain of the reason for Albert's ailing, but had called in an engineer to investigate.

He said each face was currently showing its own slight variation at 9.55, though Albert was 'still right eight times a day'.

He added: "Unfortunately Albert is quite poorly at the moment as his bell is not chiming either. We hope the engineer will restore the clock and bell to rude health this week, as long as the problems aren't too complicated.

"Due to the age and complexity of the mechanism we have to bring a specialist heritage clock engineer from Cumbria to do the work, hence it taking a little time to sort out.

"In the meantime we're sorry for any inconvenience caused. More seriously, we know it's important to some people, and we're working to get it fixed as soon as possible."