Tidal tribulations for yacht at Combe Martin

Crew wakes up after anchoring overnight to discover the water has disappeared...

A second call out in 24 hours woke the crew of Ilfracombe RNLI early yesterday (Friday) morning.

Just before 5am a mayday was sent by the yacht Strider, her crew had anchored overnight in Combe Martin bay but awoke to find the yacht in the surf just metres from the rocks.

Both Ilfracombe lifeboats were sent to assist. Within seven minutes of the pagers being set off the crew of the inshore lifeboat Deborah brown II had launched, with the all-weather lifeboat The Spirit of Derbyshire close behind.

The crew of the yacht had managed to manoeuvre the vessel away from danger by themselves and headed out to sea as the lifeboats arrived. The inshore lifeboat crew helped to assess any damage to the yacht, with the all-weather lifeboat close by.

Once the crew of the yacht and lifeboat were happy that no significant damage had happened, the yacht continued on its way to Cardiff.

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