A surprise extra trio brings the iconic ‘I’d rather be in North Devon’ fleet up to five

Three more North Devon lorries will soon be touring the UK in the bid to attract more visitors to the area.

The surprise announcement came at the North Devon Marketing Bureau AGM on Tuesday as it was revealed Evans Transport would be donating another three liveried lorries to bring the fleet to five.

The 45-foot lorries each feature an iconic image from the area and the slogan ‘I’d rather be in North Devon’.

The Marketing Bureau enjoyed a successful AGM, with more than 100 businesses attending.

It was set up in January 2015 when 220 local tourism businesses joined forces and raised more than £100,000 to run their own marketing company to put North Devon and Exmoor firmly on the map as a desirable UK tourist destination.

The group also announced its NorthDevon.com website ‘has become the go-to for local events, information and accommodation’.

There have been more than 150,000 visitors to the website this year and 15,500 followers combined throughout social media, increasing by 30 per cent monthly.

Chairman Trevor Stanbury said it had been ‘a fantastic AGM’ with overwhelming support from businesses.

“Our aim is to re-establish North Devon as one of the country’s top destinations,” he said.

“The donation of the extra lorries was a complete surprise to members - the support of Evans Transport Ltd is phenomenal and we are very grateful. I would like to thank every business who has invested time and money to the campaign and look forward to how we will develop throughout the next year.”

He thanked the team at BlueFrog Media and said the LoveNorthDevon social media campaign had been ‘enormously successful’.