Thousands of animals have been killed after a ‘pollution incident’ near South Molton.

The Environment Agency (EA) reports at least 6,000 fish have died in the River Mole.

The cause is yet to be determined, with one EA officer saying it is the worst incident of river pollution he has witnessed across a 30-year career.

Trout, salmon, sea trout, bullheads and eels are among the creatures which have been killed.

The EA has been working to remove the fish from the river, with a biological survey due to take place in the coming days.

Its spokesman said: "One of our fisheries officers who attended the scene, with 30 years of experience, said he couldn't remember so many fish killed in one incident.

"Our investigation into the cause of the pollution is ongoing.

"Officers have removed dead fish in areas readily accessible by the public, particularly an area adjacent to a caravan and camp site where the owner is concerned about the impact to his business and the health of his visitors.

"The local environmental health team have been informed in relation to public health concerns.

"A biological survey is currently progressing and a live fish survey is being arranged for next week."