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I find it hard to understand the thought process of some people.

Were it not for the vociferous opposition of some people, the energy companies would not be building the Atlantic Array offshore.

It would be on land where it would be much cheaper to install and maintain and more energy-efficient in transmission costs.

If you want cheap electricity, it’s time to stop opposing onshore wind.

No one in their right mind believes that burning mined fuels – be it coal, gas or uranium – is a clean, cheap, long-term way to produce electricity.

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If you’re worried about wind turbines then start lobbying government to legislate that all new homes are ‘carbon neutral’, and to ensure that older homes begin to reach a reasonable standard of efficiency.

The current housing stock in this country is laughably poor in terms of energy efficiency – the vast majority of homes having no floor insulation, and any solid-walled property has walls that are about a tenth as efficient as a good modern wall.

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A properly designed three-bedroom modern home should cost no more than £10 per month to run.

It’s very easy to see how efficient your own house is when you compare your bill with this figure. I once read a very simple fact: if we covered all the south-facing roofs in this country with solar panels there would be no need for any other power generation.

It’s high time we thought about the future instead of living with old technologies.

Stephen Tindall


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