Think again before closing police station front offices

SIR - Some weeks ago I wrote to both local papers about a report that I had heard that local police stations could have their hours shortened, be closed altogether, or lose some staff. I wanted people to know what could happen in their area and to give them the opportunity to write to the Chief Constable to support their local police force and hope that there would be no reduction in staffing.

That letter wasn’t printed because an Officer in Barnstaple said that he hadn’t seen any list. My retort was just because he hadn’t seen it, it didn’t mean that it didn’t exist.

What have we now, no front line staff except for Barnstaple, from Tuesday to Saturday. I know that people in Braunton liked to pop in to see Phil Powell. They knew that he would always try to answer any query or solve any problem that they had. There is not even the suggestion that one morning a week or one afternoon people could go into the purpose built station and actually talk to a person.

Well done, there will be a telephone outside for people to use, but if there is no-one in the station the call will be re-directed to Exeter! I remember when telephone calls, with regard to ambulance services, were redirected, and when an emergency call was placed asking for an ambulance to be sent to an accident, it was directed to the wrong place.

Okay, this may not happen with the police service but please think again before getting rid of front line staff, they know the local population and the areas that are covered by their stations.

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Yes, I am a Parish and District Councillorfor Braunton but I am not looking for votes, I only want to point out to Brauntonians what I said weeks ago!

Jasmine Chesters

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