Legend has it the old station master haunts the Torrington station - now a bed and breakfast - along with a lady thought to be his wife...

Guests at the Puffing Billy station house in Torrington have reported some strange goings-on after hours.

Legend has it that an old station master haunts the 19th century building along with a lady thought to be his wife, who still visits the bedrooms upstairs to tuck in her children.

Today the Puffing Billy is run as a B&B and restaurant by mother and son team Sara Oke and Dominic Scotting.

They say guests staying in the Puffing Billy’s accommodation have reported some spooky encounters with the female ghost, said to have died in the building in 1914.

Dominic told the Gazette: “Some guests stayed here last week and told us that they slept well apart from when they were disturbed by the other guests.

“He said he heard people walking up and down the stairs and hall several times and that there were some loud clanging noises.

“He was absolutely a sceptic, but after we told him that they were completely alone that night he was convinced.”

They both also say they can sense the presence of the station master in the old building each day before they close in the evening.

Sara added: “You almost feel that he comes and just checks that everything’s OK, and I get the feeling that as soon as you’re about to leave at night, he comes here and goes around checking.

“I always say ‘goodnight, station master’ when I leave the building.”

The Puffing Billy hosts regular ghost tours with North Devon psychic Sue Pengelly, exploring the stories and paranormal presences of the building and along the old railway.