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It is really, really sad to hear of people going hungry and missing meals in these difficult times because of the change in the benefit system and the unemployment situation.

I am sure you know that both Bideford and Barnstaple have set up food banks in that area.

Would you like to give a small donation to these food banks? The foods that are wanted are pasta, tea bags, tinned meat, tinned tomatoes and rice, etc.

The addresses of the food banks are as follows: Bideford Foodbank, 34 Mill Street, Bideford. Telephone: 07874 206438. Barnstaple Food Bank, Salvation Army Hall, Oakleigh Road, Barnstaple.

Debt is a big problem still in people’s lives. It puts a great strain on family life.

Lots of couples who have got into debt have ended up in the divorce courts because of the strain they are under.

And sadly to say, some people have committed suicide because of their financial situation. I myself have been in debt, but I was lucky with some help from a good debt charity to get out of the mire.

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I would like to say to everybody – if you are in debt, please don’t ignore it as it will only get worse.

There are many good debt organisations out there who are only too willing to help and do not charge for their services.

These include: National Debtline, the StepChange Debt Charity, Community Money Advice, Payplan, and Christians Against Poverty. All these organisations have their own websites on the internet.

David Ball


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