Theatre’s a delight

I’ve not been to Chinnor Cement Works (‘April Fools’ Day?’, Opinion, July 11) so I had a look at the picture on Wikipedia.

Not very pretty I agree, but I have lived in Swanscombe in Kent which is near Dartford and Gravesend. If that sounds bad – it is!

Swanscombe is Blue Circle Cement country, and the town is surrounded on three sides by deep chalk quarries, and on the other by the main road and the cement factory. Everything is covered in chalk dust.

So I cannot agree with Lorna Davis that the Landmark Theatre is in that class.

It’s a beautiful modern building, delightfully incorporated into the landscape, rather than being a prominent blot on the landscape like many of the nearby buildings. As for the pregnant lady ... I’m just an outsider, and a Londoner to boot, so who’s interested in my views?

You may also want to watch:

But I do wonder if Mr Hirst has got Ilfracombe over a barrel?

Tony Olsson

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