A Bideford trainer who served in both the British and US armies has put the military mindset to work in his new book about losing weight and getting fit.

The Weight is Over by Chris Marco Flores.The Weight is Over by Chris Marco Flores.

Chris Marco Flores, aged 31, spent two years in the Coldstream Guards as a teenager before using his dual citizenship to sign up for the US Army, going on to service 12 months in Iraq in 2010-11.

Previously unfit himself, he has put what he learned in the military into a new book called The Weight is Over, now available at Waterstones and on Amazon.

It focuses on getting people into the right mindset before tackling achievable challenges and an exercise plan that is fun, as well as sustainable nutrition.

Chris started as a personal trainer in 2014 and now runs 12 month online weight loss courses that he says have helped 41 people lose more than 100 stone in six months.

He said: "It's for people who fantasise about changing but are in disbelief and don't think it's possible. There's no magic pill, it does not happen overnight."

More information is available on the Chris Marco Flores Facebook page.