The polls don’t lie

Green Party member Miranda Cox states she “listened to a Radio 4 programme on international companies avoiding tax and then checked figures on Parliament’s own website” (“A taxing question”, Opinion, May 8).

Perhaps she didn’t notice that every national newspaper and TV news programme carried the story of how the energy giant RWE npower has paid no UK corporation tax for three years, despite making £766million in profits.

Further stories went into more detail. The hypocrisy of her letter was astonishing (even by Green Party standards).

Miranda Cox and the Green Party have totally supported this multinational power company with their on- and offshore turbines and the appalling Atlantic Array.

She then actually had the effrontery to criticise UKIP! Need I remind Ms Cox how well UKIP did in the recent elections with their anti-wind energy policy and how very badly the Green Party did with their sole policy of supporting each and every turbine proposal and coming bottom of the poll, as usual?

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Her final paragraph was a disgrace and an insult to your readers’ intelligence.

It is simply not accurate to claim that: “If you vote Green, you’re not only voting to give better protection to our beautiful environment, you’re voting for more fairness and justice.”

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Turbines definitely do not protect our environment. They decimate it. Their sheer size is alien in an historic landscape

The noise they emit is like jet aircrafts taking off (the same frequencies used to torture people in World War Two). People’s lives are ruined by the noise, which affects their health and everyday life.

They divide communities. They kill millions of birds and bats worldwide and animals like people try to move away from them.

Property prices depreciate and some people are forced into negative equity. Many houses are made unsaleable.

All this destruction for what? The technology is already outdated and many countries are now taking these alien structures down due to their inefficiency.

Ms Cox claims that by voting ‘Green’ one is voting for fairness and justice.

There is nothing fair or just when communities such as the ones who have fought hard to try to stop the outrageous Batsworthy Cross Wind Turbine development on the Exmoor fringes are dictated to by one lone government inspector and one lone judge that the development should go ahead – in spite of the local community opposing it along with all the district councillors unanimously opposing it together with English Heritage, the Exmoor Society, etc.

What is fair about that? What is just about that? We live in a dictatorship! Whatever the Green Party claims, the majority of the intelligent public can see through their ridiculous ‘un-green’ propaganda.

It is why they always come bottom of the polls in the elections, and is one of the main reasons why UKIP, who oppose wind turbines, always do so well.

Anita Allen

East Knowstone

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