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I personally am opposed to this statue being erected in Ilfracombe for a number of reasons – it being completely out of character with the Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty we live in.

People driving into the car park, will be faced with a giant 66-foot-high naked woman’s buttocks. From all other areas around the harbour it will have an impact on the view – of the coastline, of Hillsborough, the shops and of course the old Chapel on Lantern Hill.

It is my opinion that the height of the statue, could in fact be similar to the height of the much disliked towers which are the Landmark Theatre. They are a blot on the landscape and this could be another.

More disturbing has been the lack of original close-up photos of Verity – on the internet or in the planning application.

I would like to invite one of the members of the council, who would appear to be in favour of the statue, to confirm whether or not half of the front of Verity, which will be visible from Hillsborough and the sea approach, has been dissected or not – showing a foetus clearly visible inside her.

You may also want to watch:

Mr Hirst’s similar statue of the Virgin Mother has been created in this fashion and I am seriously concerned as to whether Verity is of a similar design and if the supporters of her actually realise this.

I fail to see, if true, how such a design has any relevance to Ilfracombe’s heritage.

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Andrew Pettey


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