The economic case

Leading business figures this week including Sir Richard Branson and Martin Sorrell outlined the overwhelming economic benefits of EU membership in a letter to a national newspaper.

Now that the European Parliament has just given the go-ahead to a comprehensive EU-US trade agreement, worth up to £10billion a year to the British economy or nearly £400 per household, the economic case is getting even stronger.

With the UK taking the lead, there is enough momentum on both sides of the Atlantic to see a speedy conclusion to the trade negotiations.

However, instead of focusing on this ambitious agenda, the Conservative party is once again being torn apart by the issue of Europe.

At a time when our biggest priority should be creating jobs and getting our economy back on track, the Tories seem to be more concerned with appeasing the anti-EU wing of their party and countering the threat from UKIP.

UKIP say we are better off negotiating our own trade deals. I say, ‘do the numbers’.

As a European trade bloc we outnumber the Americans and have more clout to get the best deal for British jobs and British business.

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Sir Graham Watson MEP

Member of the European Parliament for South West England and Gibraltar

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