The curious tale of ‘fantastic’ Mr Fox

Giant work of graffiti appears on Westleigh farm building

THE curious tale of a giant fox painted on the side of a barn near Bideford is mystifying motorists – and baffling landowners.

The 30-foot high fox is thought to have appeared overnight on the side of the Christie Estates-owned farm building at Westleigh on or around October 21.

The cartoon style animal – accompanied by a white dog and a smaller fox character brandishing an extended paint roller – has started to attract the attention of motorists travelling over the A39 Torridge Bridge.

One who contacted the Gazette said: “It’s fantastic; I noticed it the other morning, it looks quite striking from the bridge.”

But it appears “Mr Fox” is not considered so “fantastic” by everyone, including landowner Hector Christie, who claimed to have no knowledge of how the painting got there.

Mr Christie told the Gazette: “I have no idea who did it and to be honest, I haven’t even seen it.

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“The estates manager told me about it and apparently it just appeared at the beginning of this week.

“I have to say I don’t want to encourage it because it’s vandalism and I don’t want every farm building here to be covered in spray paint.”

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