The case against...

In common with over 600 people who have written to object to the Torridge Marina Village planning application, I am horrified that the development would:

l Concrete over a green estuary site protected from development within the Coastal Protection Area and UNESCO Biosphere.

l Destroy marshland and other habitats supporting a wealth of wildlife, including barn owls and dormice, which are protected species.

l Create an unviable marina, inaccessible for much of the year due to length and times of the tides, located on a dangerous estuary and too expensive for boat owners.

l Congest local roads with over 1,000 extra vehicle movements a day, causing misery to local residents from tailbacks and the use of side roads as rat-runs.

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l Present a very real threat to 400 skilled jobs at Babcock’s shipyard in Appledore if there are complaints from new neighbours about industrial noise.

l Lead to a loss of jobs in tourism due to destruction of the landscape and impact on the character of villages which visitors come to see.

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l Impose the hell of seven years’ construction period on residents.

I urge those people who share my concerns to attend the planning committee meeting at 9.30am tomorrow (Thursday) at Bideford Town Hall, when the application will be considered.

P Hames


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