Thanks for being in the workers’ corner

Having recently received the devastating news of the closure of our manufacturing site at Leaderflush Shapland at the end of November 2012 after 12 years of campaigning to keep it here (see story – page 13) we would like to express our thanks to Brian Greenslade, Des Brailey, Lesley Brown and Helen Vernon of our local council for their tremendous efforts in supporting the workforce to try and persuade our current owners to retain this facility and the 75 jobs of local people employed there.

They responded quickly to the workforce reps’ request to visit the site and help where possible. Unfortunately to no avail, as all efforts have failed.

We, as workforce representatives, could only lament and wish the same people were around in 2003 in their current positions, to assist in the same way, when the market for site sale and relocation to Roundswell in a new purpose-built factory was in a more favourable time.

We hope their presence continues in the council in order that other companies who may have similar problems in the future can approach such people and indeed restore some faith in local councillors and its employees to help maintain and increase where possible employment levels for local people.

Leaderflush Shapland Employee Representatives

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