A Fremington councillor says the only way to stop wholesale vandalism at the Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field in Tews Lane is to get an on-site warden.

Rodney Cann, chairman of the Tews Lane Committee, was speaking following the destruction of part of a dugout at the Tews Lane pitch.

A wall dividing the dugout had been demolished by vandals and when the Gazette joined Mr Cann on site, it had been precariously rebuilt in a wobbly and dangerous fashion.

The Gazette understands it has since been dismantled again.

Fremington Parish Council is hoping to extend the present changing facilities to include a community pavilion, sports hall, bar, kitchen and storage facilities for sports teams.

An entrance hall would be added to the existing changing room facilities and, subject to planning approval, caretaker’s accommodation added above.

Mr Cann said: “We are pursuing the final phase, which is a community hall providing warden accommodation.

“I think we get someone on site permanently we are going to get vandalism and rubbish left – it’s an absolute nightmare and is spoiling it for everyone.”

Mr Cann said he was called to the field on Thursday to see the vandalised dugouts, which are provided by the football clubs.

On Friday he returned to find the precariously stacked blocks, which he said were incredibly dangerous and reported them to the council immediately.

He added: “This facility is one of the most used in North Devon, I think we have something like 14 teams using it, everything from seniors down to juniors – it’s an important amenity for the area.

“The fences are torn down. The club had only repaired the two dugouts and then within 10 days one of them was virtually destroyed, it’s an unacceptable situation. The local residents association has rightly complained about the state of the field and the dugouts.

“Unless we can bring in an on site warden to control the situation it’s going to be an ongoing problem, which can only get worse as more developments take place around here.

“At the moment it costs the tax payer in Fremington something like £11,000 a year to run it and maintain it.

“Long term, I believe having a community facility here would help pay for the cost of the field.”