Tenants evicted from Tarka Housing in Torrington and Chilsworthy

Landlords Tarka Housing have evicted the two tenants due to incidents of antisocial behaviour.

TWO tenants living in North Devon have been evicted by their landlord for a number of incidents of antisocial behaviour.

Shane Connolly, from Torrington and Paul Clarke, from Chilsworthy, both breached their tenancy agreements with Tarka Housing, of the Westward Housing Group.

Connolly was found guilty of assaulting his neighbour in a supermarket car park in February this year and was fined and given a curfew.

As a result of this and the continuing intimidation of the neighbours, Tarka Housing served a notice seeking possession on him for breaching the terms and conditions of his tenancy.

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In September the landlord went to court to obtain an eviction order which was successfully granted.

Tarka Housing has also evicted and obtained an injunction order against Clarke.

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This was due to his persistent behaviour, including in 2012 when he committed an offence against his neighbour involving a chainsaw.

Paul Clarke can be arrested under the injunction order if he enters or attempts to enter or remain in any property that he knows is owned or managed by Tarka Housing/Westward Housing Group, and if he does not leave immediately any property upon being told that the property is owned by the landlord.

Di Dening, housing officer, said: “Westward does not tolerate anti-social behaviour.

“We will help people solve their problems peacefully, but we will take action when absolutely necessary and in cases where anti-social behaviour is consistent or unacceptable, will take legal action against the perpetrator to evict them from our properties and protect neighbourhoods.

“Partnership working is key to resolving anti-social behaviour and we work closely with the Police and Safer North Devon.”

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