Teenager rescued from rocks in Lee Bay

Ilfracombe RNLI volunteers launch the D-class inshore lifeboat Deborah Brown II during the shout yes

Ilfracombe RNLI volunteers launch the D-class inshore lifeboat Deborah Brown II during the shout yesterday (Wednesday). Picture: RNLI/Ilfracombe. - Credit: RNLI/Ilfracombe

Youngster plucked to safety by lifeboat crew after becoming cut off from the tide.

Lee Bay at Ilfracombe.

Lee Bay at Ilfracombe. - Credit: Archant

A TEENAGE girl was rescued from the incoming tide at Lee Bay yesterday evening (Wednesday).

The 13-year-old clung to rocks after being cut off by swiftly rising waters shortly after 5pm.

She had tried to wade through the incoming tide but thought better of it and climbed onto a rock to wait for help.

The youngster was plucked to safety by the Ilfracombe inshore lifeboat crew and re-united with her friends on the shore.

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Coastguard watch manager Dave Jones said: “We have high spring tides at the moment. These come in faster and further than usual and so for this reason people out and about on the coast need to be especially careful to plan their walks along the beach.

“Always check the weather and tide timetable before you set out on your walk and wear appropriate clothing for the unseasonably cold weather. If you do get cut off call 999 Coastguard.”

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Ilfracombe lifeboat crew member Matt Draper, who was involved in the rescue, agreed: “It’s easy for people to get caught out by the tide when they’re out walking, as it often comes in a lot faster than people think it will.

“If you do walk along the coast, we would suggest checking the tides before you set out, and remember that a beach you walked across at low tide may become under water when the tide comes in.”

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