Former Great Torrington School pupil mixes with the royals as he works on Prince’s Foundation heritage and building craft apprenticeship.

A Taddiport man has helped create an educational farm at the royal Dumfries House Estate in Scotland.

Daniel Iannone, from Taddiport, helped build the educational farm, which is set to open to the public next month, as part of a building course run by The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community.

The 33-year-old played a key role in the construction of the latest structural addition at the Ayrshire estate, which is used to help people engage in learning experiences that promote confidence and personal development.

The former Great Torrington School pupil enrolled on the apprenticeship, and helped to design and build an animal shelter – The Goose House – as part of the project.

He said: “On the steps up the Goose House, you were allowed to put your mark, and I put a Devonshire expression, ‘Yertiz’.

“That will make me laugh when I come back here with my family to visit.”

Daniel described the whole experience as ‘fantastic’, with one of the highlights being meeting Prince Charles himself.

Daniel added: “I’ve learned way more than I ever thought I would. I’ve learned lots from the guys who have worked as banker stonemasons, and I have learned new ways of dressing stone, pitching techniques, and how to go about building a rubble wall.

“When His Royal Highness turned up, it was almost surreal. We were working on The Goose Hoose and he was on the scaffolding watching what we were doing.

“It’s good he is pushing this kind of craftsmanship. It upsets me when you see old buildings being restored in the wrong way, so it’s brilliant that he is encouraging people to do it properly.”

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