Police have asked residents in Stella Maris Court in Bideford to be aware of a suspsicious man asking to look in people’s back gardens.

Police are asking homeowners in Bideford to be aware of a man asking to look around people’s back gardens.

Residents in Stella Maris Court and nearby areas have reported a suspicious man asking to look in their gardens for a ball or other object.

At around 4pm on Thursday, there were reports a man was carrying out this activity after arriving in a blue ‘people carrier size’ car.

Later in the evening a rear gate and a shed door were open but nothing taken.

Overnight a person was seen taking an insecure item from the front of a property in the area.

The man is described as black, tall and stocky with cropped short hair, possibly in his late 30s.

Residents are asked to be vigilant, lock sheds and gates and secure valuable items.

Any suspicious activity should be reported to police via 999 in an emergency, or 101 for a non-emergency.