The 25-year-old was found to be in breach of a suspended sentence order after ‘surly’ behaviour with probation officers.

A Barnstaple man has appeared in court in breach of a suspended sentence order.

Reece Francis Meakin, 25, of Oswald Browning Way, failed to attend a session of unpaid work in November.

He also was pulled up at North Devon Magistrates’ Court for his ‘unacceptable’ behaviour on two occassions.

The court heard he had challenged probation workers when they caught someone in his group smoking cannabis.

On a separate occassion he was told off for ‘making tea too loudly’.

Tony Dart, defending, said Meakin ‘came across as a little bit surly’ and felt ‘a little bit hard done by’.

Magistrates ordered him to do an extra 20 hours’ unpaid work on top of his original 160 hours.

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