Superwinch to the rescue for Arlington steam enthusiast

Dave Carder, pictured on Monday with Superwinch staff Phil Craze and Mark Claridge. Picture: Sue Car

Dave Carder, pictured on Monday with Superwinch staff Phil Craze and Mark Claridge. Picture: Sue Carder. - Credit: Archant

After spotting his plight on the North Devon Gazette website, international manufacturer offers Dave a new winch.

A traction engine enthusiast whose £500 winch was stolen has been presented with a new one after an American company read of his plight on the North Devon Gazette website.

Thieves unbolted Dave Carder’s Superwinch from his van while it was parked outside his home at Arlington overnight on March 10/11.

A day after we had published the story on our website, Lance Blackmore, director of Superwinch at Tavistock, contacted us to say the company was willing to supply Dave with a brand new winch.

So on Monday Superwinch staff fitted an exact replacement to Dave’s van, meaning he can now enjoy the traction engine season after all.

A winch is especially vital for Dave, because he broke his back in an accident several years ago and needs one manoeuvre his Garrett steam traction engine onto its trailer for transportation to fairs and rallies.

Mr Blackmore said the company’s US head office had spotted the Gazette article and contacted him: “I’m a broken back sufferer, so I was sympathetic, but also I’m getting a bit sick and tired of people stealing things, it’s not nice and especially when someone’s lifestyle depends on it,” he said.

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“We’re a successful manufacturing company, so we thought why not help a guy out who is down on his luck?”

Dave said he still couldn’t believe it: “I was really amazed.

“Coming up and fitting a winch like that was brilliant. I would like to thank them for what they have done and I am really grateful, as it would have been difficult to fork out for another winch.”

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