All welcome to join a suffragette march in Ilfracombe on Tuesday, February 6, to commemorate 100 years of women getting the vote

The suffragettes take over during Ilfracombe Victorian Celebrations. Picture: Tim LamertonThe suffragettes take over during Ilfracombe Victorian Celebrations. Picture: Tim Lamerton

Ilfracombe will be commemorating 100 years of votes for women with a suffragette-inspired march on Tuesday, February 6.

A century before on February 6, 1918, some women and all men over 21 were finally given the vote after decades of struggle.

Next week’s Gazette will be a special edition dedicated to the suffragettes and the anniversary, looking back at the struggle for the vote and what it means today.

All are welcome to join Tuesday’s march, which sets off from the Ilfracombe Centre at 2pm, making its way along the High Street to the seafront.

People are invited to wear Edwardian or Victorian costume and/or wear the colours of the suffragettes: green, white and violet; plus bring placards demanding the vote, as they did, or thanking them for the vote - drums, tambourines and whistles will also be welcome.

At the seafront there will be a short rally and speeches, including the words of Emmeline Pankhurst, who founded the suffragette movement.

Organisers Netti Pearson said: “It is interesting to see just how relevant this extract from an Emmeline Pankurst speech, given in Hartford Connecticut in 2013, still is to those of us fighting for the NHS: ‘You have to get your cause made a first class measure; you have to make the situation in the country so urgent and so pressing that it has become politically dangerous for the government to neglect that question any longer, so politically expedient for them to do it that they realise they cannot present themselves to the country at the next general election unless it has been done’.