North Devon parents are waiting to hear which school their children will go to on Thursday

With parents across North Devon poised to find out whether their children have been accepted into their first choice primary schools tomorrow (Thursday), comparison website has released figures showing that nearly one in 10 parents would lie about their address.

Nine per cent of parents in the national study said they would lie and say they lived in the catchment area of their desired school, while more than two-thirds (68 per cent) would consider moving.

One in five even said they had started thinking about where to send their children to school before they were born.’s survey also found that parents would on average be willing to pay an extra £19,000 for a house in a catchment area for a good school.

Parents will be eagerly awaiting their letters on Thursday, known as ‘National Offer Day’, when they will find out if their child has been accepted into their first choice primary school.