The strawberry spider has only been spotted in Devon a handful of times since 2008

A rare and remarkable spider has been discovered living at a North Devon nature reserve.

The strawberry spider, was found at Devon Wildlife Trust's Meeth Quarry reserve.

The strawberry spider, also known as araneus alsine, has been classified as a 'nationally scarce' species, and has only been sighted a handful of times in Devon since its first discovery in 2008.

The spider has a very distinctive red-orange body, flecked with yellow dots and looks like a plump, ripe strawberry.

It's also large for a British spider, with the bodies of females reaching up to 15mm in size.

The discovery was made by Rob Wolton while making a routine visit to the Meeth Quarry reserve.

He said: "I was out recording insects like hoverflies on the reserve, when I spotted this huge red spider unlike any I had ever seen before.

"I took some photos and when I got home looked it up. It was a real surprise to find such an eye-catching spider.

"It just goes to show what a special place Meeth Quarry is. Full of the unexpected."

Meeth Quarry is one of 50 nature reserves cared for by the charity Devon Wildlife Trust.