Store power up for a rainy day

Is it time to protect local businesses and the vulnerable from power cuts?

Compared to other parts of the UK, this winter we have been lucky in this area.

However, in Nafferton we have had recently had two power cuts: one lasting nine hours. For all of us in this area this is at least an inconvenience as we reset our clocks, computers and heating systems.

At worst for businesses and the vulnerable, power cuts are potentially more serious.

While the main threat to older people in power cuts is the cold due to loss of heating, older people and the disabled often rely on electricity to power aids.

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Serious storms and extreme weather are now increasingly forecast for the UK, so it does seem likely that loss of power will become more frequent.

Many people are surprised to hear that devices that store energy not only exist but are affordable and suitable for many households.

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With all the talk about energy saving and developing alternative forms of energy, isn’t it time we as individuals and businesses paid more attention to devices that store energy and cut in when the mains power goes off?

Richard Shaw



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