The village and its surrounds join the popular Through Time series of books from Amberley.

THE changing face of Braunton has been highlighted as the village becomes the latest community to join the popular Through Time book series.

Produced with the help and support of volunteers from Braunton and District Museum, the Amberley Publishing book gives a fascinating account of change through ‘then and now’ photographs.

They compare well known village views from the early 1900s to the present day and while much is familiar, a great deal has changed too.

The ‘Cross Tree’ was an iconic Braunton landmark and stood where the Square is now – it appears the ‘ancient’ tree may have been replanted over time and was clearly important to the village.

Other views include the George Hotel, Caen Street, Church Street, the railway to Ilfracombe and railway yard.

Braunton and Around Through Time is available from Braunton Museum, or via Amberley at or call 01453 847800.