Statue proposal is ‘a joke’

SIR - I am referring to the 67 foot high statue of a pregnant girl! What on earth this has to do with Ilfracombe harbour and heritage is beyond comprehension. It is a JOKE! Tesco finished the majority of the shops in this town and this will surely kill our beautiful working harbour.

It is not art it is an insult. You have to wonder why we would need such a thing, in short we don’t! How about a nice statue of the London that sank in Rapparee Cove, that would be far more in keeping.

But do we need anything to enhance our harbour, I am sure many people would agree not. I would like to hear from the local councils on this proposal, has a deal already been done? The statue is reportedly already made in three sections awaiting assembly.

Here in Ilfracombe we have a high amount of teenage pregnancies and although this is supposed to be ‘art’ it is going to make fun of the people of this town and the town it’s self, please let’s get this stopped before Ilfracombe dies completely.

Anne Vickers, Ilfracombe.

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