Statue as fertility symbol?

SIR - I suppose that whilst none of us could agree on ‘what’ statue would be suitable there on Ilfracombe’s Harbour, what is being proposed is more tasteful than what ‘might have been’ from the artist known for the even more bizarre.

Overall, I think it will be good for Ilfracombe and will attract visitors to the North Devon area keen to see it. Indeed, I can see ‘her’ even becoming a fun fertility symbol so couples flock here to touch her.

But of course, it could work too, in that being able to stay and relax in our beautiful area may well help to make ‘things happen’ for couples having difficulties, though I’d have to encourage the real difference which would be a short walk up to the near-by Lantern Chapel for a prayer to seal the visit!

Damien’s international standing will be an invaluable boost to the town and our area and its reliance on tourism. It has my vote and I wish him well.

Sometimes those who object to things which will attract tourists to the area fail to appreciate that so many of the amenities, shops, restaurants, pubs, activities, etc, which we all enjoy would not be here for us either if there wasn’t the influx of visitors to pay for them and help make them viable.

Sadly, like the eponymous ‘village shop’ or pub when it is forced to close, often it is the locals themselves who don’t do enough supporting of local businesses which are trying hard to survive here!

Philip J Milton, Trimstone Manor Country House Hotel.

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