St John Ambulance anniversary success

SIR - On Sunday, November 28, I organised an 80th anniversary reunion of past and present members of Ilfracombe St John Ambulance.

I was completely overwhelmed and thrilled with the turnout of people who supported the event, and I appreciated them braving the extreme weather conditions. Due to the sheer amount of people we had standing room only during the dedication and presentations.

I have roughly worked out that we had approximately 120 people attend, some people travelling from as far as London to celebrate with us. Past and present members were aged from 90 down to five-years-old.

Our Divisional Chaplain Father Robert Harris along with our Dame of Grace Mrs Phyllis Martin, Divisional President, unveiled and dedicated our Grand Prior’s board. A special thanks goes to them.

Two older Cadets were presented with their Grand Prior Award and five new Badgers were enrolled, along with two Badgers receiving their Super Badger. Many other certificates were presented.

A special thank-you goes to the community of Ilfracombe for lending me photos, items for display and sharing memories of the Division.

Plus the team of tea and scone makers and the support from the Division. Thank you to Mum and Dad for helping me and of course their support and encouragement.

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I have now completed the last stage of my Almalfi Award organising and researching this event.

Thank you all once again and let’s hope Ilfracombe St John will be as strong when we celebrate our centenary.

For any queries about joining our team of volunteers please ring our headquarters on (01271) 862584, and we will get back to you.

Chrissie Parker,

Ilfracombe Adult Member.

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