A fly-past by the iconic Spitfire will be among the highlights to delights crowds at Devon D-Day on Saunton Sands this Saturday.


The instantly recognisable shape of one of World War Twos most well-known fighter planes is scheduled to soar over the beach at 1.45pm on Saturday.

The Spitfire is part of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and will be making its visit to North Devon in between duties at Torbay Air Show.

Earlier on Saturday at 11am there will also be a fly-past by Austers aircraft.

The single seat Spitfire was first built in 1936 and played a prominent part in the Battle of Britain in 1940, although the more numerous Hurricane actually bore more of the burden.

But Spitfires were high performance aircraft and evenly matched against the German fighters, with a higher victory to loss ratio than the Hurricances.

After 1940 they became the backbone of RAF Fighter Command and were used in a variety of roles right up until the 1950s.