Temporary speed cameras have been placed on the North Devon Link Road to ensure safety – in particular for motorcyclists – while roadworks are taking place.

Works on the damaged expansion joints at Bray Viaduct on the A361 are set to start this month and last 12-13 weeks.

While the work is underway, average speed cameras have been installed to enforced the 30mph speed restrictions.

A spokesman for Devon County Council said: "Work will be undertaken at night under two way lights.

"In order to keep this busy stretch of road open in both directions during the day, steel bridging units will be used to cover the expansion joints.

"As the bridging units are made from steel they do not provide the same level of grip as the road surface which is particularly important for motorcyclists.

"In fact a motorcyclist was understood to have been killed on a similar project elsewhere in the country.

"To avoid a similar occurrence happening on this project DCC has installed a temporary average speed camera system to cover the area where the steel bridging units are located to ensure a people travel at a safe speed through the site."