Devon County Council is supporting a campaign to raise the profile of care workers in a bid to get more people into the industry.

Care providers have said recruitment 'has gone through the roof' thanks to a campaign launched by South West councils.

Local authorities including Devon County Council (DCC) are supporting the Proud to Care South West campaign launched in July to raise the profile of care and the role of care workers in a bid to get more people into the industry.

The county council says care providers across the country often experience difficulties in recruiting, which in turn affects the availability of care to people who could be living independently at home, or in care homes.

A total of 16 councils have joined forces to try and establish a regional approach to raising the care profile.

And last month, the Gazette joined efforts to attract people to the social care sector with a #couldyoucare campaign, which aims to shine a spotlight on adult social care and tell some of the human stories behind the numbers.

Geraldine Benson, principal social worker for DCC, said: "We want the incredible people who work in the care sector to feel proud of their vocation and for others to see it as an enormously rewarding area of work that they can become involved in.

"We want people to see that it has great career prospects, with many opportunities for progression in care and health including nurses, social workers and registered care managers."

DCC says care providers in Devon have seen marked improvements in their ability to recruit high calibre applicants to caring roles, quoting one care home manager as saying 'recruitment has gone through the roof'.

Especially inspiring elements to the campaign are the first-hand personal accounts from real care and support workers, who talk passionately about their love for care work.

The campaign wants to reach all potential care workers, but is targeting younger people and those who have studied for a health and social care qualification; parents considering a return to work; people aged 50 plus who, with more life experience might want to give something back; and students seeking employment.

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