South Molton motorists urged to ‘brighten up’

One in 20 vehicles had faulty lights during police spot check

A HIGH number of vehicles in South Molton are being driven with defective lights, according to police.

Officers from the town pulled over 10 cars with faulty front or rear lights during a routine two-hour spot check on Tuesday, November 9.

They are keen to remind motorists to check their vehicles and ensure that all the lights are in working order, especially during shorter daylight hours.

“Around five per cent of the vehicles that we observed had defective lights,” said PCSO Jerzy Rozputynski.

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“This was purely a community engagement exercise designed to educate motorists and no fines were issued but there is a serious message.

“This time of year it gets dark very early and motorists need to ensure they can be seen.

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“We would also encourage members of the public to wear fluorescent items of clothing when they are out and about, especially children walking to and from school in more rural areas,” added PCSO Rozputynski.

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