Plans have been lodged for a new 26-home development in the centre of South Molton.

The outline application from Spirebourne Limited would see homes built off on land off Southley Road on the former South Molton Recycle site, opposite the town's Central car park.

The site had been part of long-running plans for a Tesco store, which were scrapped by the supermarket in 2014.

As well as 26 homes, of which eight are earmarked for two-to-three bedroom social housing, the development will have 36 associated car parking spaces.

A planning statement for the application said: "The site is currently vacant and derelict, and while this and the car park and cattle market site has long been the subject of proposals for redevelopment over the years very little has changed so this central part of town remains an under-used asset and rather an eyesore.

"It is considered that because of the identified constraints and opportunities that this western part of the policy area is ideal for redevelopment for residential purposes as this will enhance the conservation area and retain and enhance its setting, and that of the listed buildings.

"While this is an outline application, the proposal would provide residences of mixed size, partly social housing, partly open market housing, right in the centre of town and of an appearance that compliments and reflects the character of the existing housing that surrounds the site."

Spirebourne Limited purchased the site from Tesco in 2016.