‘Sorry We’re Here’? I am

I am one of the many thousands of road users whose journeys have been delayed by the essential drainage works on the Torridge Bridge.

Like many I am puzzled by why consideration was not given to this when the bridge was designed and built – we do get a lot of rain in this part of the world.

Never mind, it has given me ample opportunity whilst waiting to establish what the signs on vans and traffic signals really mean. SWH doesnt stand for South West Highways at all – it stands for Sorry We’re Here!

As if blocking up the bridge wasn’t enough, they have come up with a masterstroke – let’s do roadworks on the only alternative route over the Torridge at the same time!


For sheer boneheadedness this takes a lot of beating. I know road maintenance is important, but someone in charge might have stopped for a minute and thought “hang on a minute, this is daft”, but no such luck.

I confidently expect to see “Sorry We’re Here” emblazoned on all SWH trucks in the future.

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Michael Champion

(via email)

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