Passersby in Barnstaple’s Library square were invited to spend a penny for World Water Day yesterday (Thursday).

Ladies from the Soroptimists International Barnstaple and District gathered at the square on UN World Water Day to raise awareness and collect money for Water Aid.

Even in 2018, some 2.1billion people on the planet live without safe drinking water in their homes, affecting everything from their health to education.

The water people in third world countries do drink is often dirty, contaminated and at risk of carrying disease.

Irene Hockin of the Soroptimists said: “People all over the world are living without clean water in the day and age.

“Women are in danger because they have to travel so many miles to access clean water.

“It even affects education because a lot of children, particularly girls, are sent to water holes and spend several hours a day to get clean water for the family.”

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