So depressing

SIR - A 90-bed care village? A state-of-the-art dementia unit? How utterly depressing! Who in their right mind wants to live surrounded by wrinklies in the same state of decrepitude as oneself?

And do the people who visit their expensive apartments once in a while and whose smart yachts are berthed in the marina only to be sailed for four hours in the day really want to stay next door to a stark reminder of what one day they might become?

We are constantly being told that as a nation we are living longer, but we seem to be losing our marbles earlier Unless we grow and produce all our own food we consume many chemicals which are then topped up by prescribed drugs.

As a wrinkly myself, if it is my lot to lose my wits I would rather do it under my own steam than “helped” by the medical profession so that they can claim their rewards from the pharmaceutical companies.

If the developers of the proposed marina are using this facility to push forward their planning application, I suggest they need their heads examined!

Liz Snow


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